Iowa Chiropractic Society

On Friday, May 25, 2012, Governor Branstad signed HR2465 (Chiropractic Patient Co-Pay) into law!  As you may know, this new law brings relief to chiropractic patients as they will only be subject to an office visit co-payment equal to that of a “primary care physician.”  Many patients and chiropractic physicians were deeply concerned that co-payments were often exceeding the cost of an office visit.  This law will go into effect July 1, 2012 (see below for anticipated questions and answers).   


This landmark legislative success only happened because of all of you and our ICSPAC.  In the next week or so, we will be asking you to contribute the ICSPAC so we are able to ensure that our friends in the Iowa House and Senate are thanked and supported if they are up for reelection in November.  We have a big fundraising goal to achieve - $30,000! More to follow on this request in the next week or so….


Lastly, BIG THANKS go to Mark Joyce, Matt Fitzgerald, Legislative Committee, ICS Board and Volunteer Leadership, and countless patients for helping to bring this effort to a close - resulting in patients getting greater access to chiropractic care!





Q:      When does this new law go into effect?

A:        July 1, 2012


Q:      What will happen between now and July 1, 2012?

A:        This new law will go to rule making and be rolled out accordingly.  It is without question that a number of “speed bumps and initial challenges” will happen.  Be patient with the process as it will have a big impact administratively on both the state and insurance companies alike.


Q:      So, exactly what does this new law mean?

A:        It simply means that a chiropractic patient shall not have a DC office visit co-payment exceed that of a “primary care physician” as defined in THEIR group plan.  So, some co-pays will be higher and/or lower as each insurance plan is different; however, the co-pay for a DC visit will be equitable/equal to a “primary care physician” as defined in each respective plan.  


Q:      Does this law apply to all insured patients in Iowa?

A:        No.  The Co-Pay Law will NOT apply to patients enrolled in self-funded employer plans.  A self-funded health insurance plan is subject to and under the jurisdiction of ERISA Guidelines, not State.  So your patient(s) may not benefit from this new law if they are in a self-funded plan.  If your patient does not know if their plan is self-funded, have them check with human resources to determine the status.  (FYI: The Iowa Department of Insurance estimates that only 30% of insured lives in Iowa are subject to State Guidelines.  The remaining 70% of insured lives are subject to ERISA, so many of your patients will not be impacted by the new law.)  



ICS will continue to update all of its members on important updates and information related to this new law.