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Membership FAQs
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Q. Why should I become a member?
A. The simple answer is that joining the Iowa Chiropractic Society (ICS) will improve your practice and strengthen the profession of chiropractic in Iowa. Becoming a member will improve your practice as you gain access to information and expertise only ICS can provide. Becoming a member will strengthen the profession as you contribute your voice to the future of chiropractic. Your membership adds to the unity of the profession so that ICS can speak with one voice at the state and national level.

Q. I simply don’t have time to do much more than I am now doing. Should I still join?
A. You are not alone.. You certainly have free choice regarding the degree to which you would be involved with ICS. If you choose to participate, we try to make it as easy as possible. District Meetings are held monthly in the evening at locations convenient to the members and combine education, food, and networking. Part of our continuing education programming is delivered via the Iowa Communications Network to a meeting location near you to save you travel time. Our committees meet by conference call. The Board of Directors meets quarterly and manages its business very efficiently. ICS also offers many member only benefits via the Web site. With the click of a mouse, you will have access to additional resources to help you. ICS is an organization that respects the busy schedules of its members and makes the best possible use of technology to conduct our business. We help you make the best use of our limited time.

Q. You will do all of these things anyway without me. Why do you need me?
A. It was a single member who suggested we provide legal advice to our members. It was a single member who created the idea of the Doctor to Doctor program and lead the way in developing our Web site. In chiropractic we say, “The body is greater than the sum of its parts.” Likewise, the ICS is greater than the sum of its members; however, we are nothing without them. We need your ideas, involvement, and support. You can make a difference even if you have very little time to serve.

Q. I don’t always agree with the philosophies of other chiropractors. Is there a place for my ideas to be heard?
A. Yes. The Iowa Chiropractic Society is committed to representing the interest of all licensed chiropractors in Iowa. Our membership and leadership represent individuals from the full range of philosophies and techniques, from small to large practices, and from colleges throughout the United States.

Q. When do I have to pay the dues?
A. You may pay your dues in full at the time you join OR might be eligible to pay in installments.  Dues are also pro-rated over the course of the year.

Q. I don’t want to join a group that is run by only a few individuals. Who runs the ICS?
A. The members do! The ICS is divided into 10 districts across Iowa. These districts elect officers: District Secretary/treasurer, District Vice President, District President, and District Director. The 10 District Directors from across the state, along with 6 other elected members (the Executive Board), make up the Board of Directors. This Board of Directors oversees the activities of 22 different member-driven committees and the ICS Staff, which is led by the Executive Director. This allows the ICS to be both effective and non-cumbersome to it’s members. Join, and we’ll show you what we mean.


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